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Wedding Photography- things to do After the wedding

Posted on March 5, 2019 by Admin under Uncategorized

Wedding Photography – Things to do After the Wedding

The wedding functions have come to an end and everything went great. You think the work is finished. But, it never does if you are a wedding photographer. You will not be free even after you are done with a wedding event because the main work starts now. You and your team would have clicked thousands of photos of all the events at the wedding. You have to sort them out now, making a collection of all the best ones from all the photographers. You will have to watermark each of these photos and edit them to enhance them. Then comes the task of sending these pictures over to the client and waiting for them to select the best pictures that will go into the wedding album. You will then have to get the wedding album made and delivered to the client, take your remaining payment, and that is when a wedding event truly comes to an end for a wedding photographer. And all this is to be done while you also cover other wedding events. Being a wedding photographer is a tough job, truly.

Things to do After the Wedding

Here are some of the most important things to do for a wedding photographer after the wedding.

1.     Collection of Photos

First things first, if you have a team of photographers, all of whom were clicking photos on the wedding, you need to get all the photos from them and save them to make sure none of the important ones get displaced. Keep them safe in your system before doing other things mentioned here.

2.     Sorting of Photos

Now that you are done with collecting the photos, the next main step is to sort them out. There are going to be thousands of photos from all the photographers and you need to take some time out to sort them and make a collection of the best ones to be sent to the client for sorting.

3.     Editing

The next step is to edit the best photos to enhance them further. Do not forget to watermark the images as you don’t want others to take credit for the hard work you have done. Therefore, watermark the photos before you send them over to the client to stay on the safe side.

4.     Wedding Album

When you send the photos to the client, they will then select the photos they want in the wedding album. Then comes the task of getting the wedding album made. This is a time consuming task as well, as you will have to group pictures together, give them for developing, and then make a wedding album made.

5.     Final Payment

The final payment is usually received after you deliver the wedding album to the client. The client needs to be satisfied with the work . Don’t forget to ask them to recommend you to others as well.

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