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Wedding Photography-The Poses

Posted on March 5, 2019 by Admin under Uncategorized

Wedding Photography – The Poses

Among all the other important things to take care of when photographing weddings, the poses of the bride and the groom are equally important as well. Posing in your wedding is not a science but an art. There are many judgments and interpretations involved in it. For many wedding photographers, it is one of the most difficult aspects to learn as they tend to run out of ideas pretty soon. This leaves you and the bride and groom clueless about what should be done next. A wrong pose can make the couple look awkward and unattractive and you definitely do not want that to happen. You need to take their photos in the right poses and from the right angles to ensure their best sides are highlighted and those little flaws are concealed.

Here are some poses that can make even the stiffest couples look so much in love and undeniably fun.

1.     The V-Up

This is perhaps the most common and the most classic of all the wedding poses we will be discussing here. Make the couple touch at the hips and let the other arms be anywhere other than their sides. This is the most basic and natural pose that makes them look at ease with one another.


2.     The Opened Up Pose

Let the couple open up their feet and stand at a distance from one another while holding one hand. This will give you the opened up pose. Ask the bride and groom to look at each other and give the best and the most loving smile they can to add up to the pose.

3.     Closed Up Pose

This is also a common wedding pose where the bride and the groom are facing each other and their bodies are closed off. This is the best pose to get some intimate shots of the couple. You can also get some great candid shots in this pose depending on the expressions of the bride and the groom.


4.     Stacked

If you are looking to click some romantic photos of the couple and also have a grand scenic landscape, this is the best pose to try. Let the bride stand in front of the groom and make them look at something in the distance. It looks as if they are gazing at something at a distance, while giving you a photograph worth looking at.

5.     The Swing

This pose adds a bit of action to an otherwise simple shoot. Ask the groom to lift the bride and give each other the best loving smile they can. However, you need to be selective in suggesting this pose to the couples as you need to gauge the ability of the groom to lift the bride’s weight.

6.     Focus on One

With this pose, you keep the focus of the photograph on one person, i.e. either on the bride, or on the groom. Make one of them look at the other while the other is facing the camera. Expressions and feelings do the rest.

These were just some basic wedding photography poses to try. Keep coming back to this place to learn more.