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Wedding Photographers Mistakes to avoid

Posted on March 5, 2019 by Admin under Uncategorized

Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you have just started out in wedding photography or have been doing it for years, learning from the mistakes of others will help in making yourself better. There are some common wedding photography mistakes that many of us make which have an effect on our overall performance and the customer experience. As a wedding photographer, you should always strive to provide the best to your clients. Their wedding is a big day for them and it is important to make sure you don’t ruin it for them by making the mistakes that are listed below.

1.     Not Signing a Contract

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve known the clients for long, or they are entirely new, not signing a contract with them can lead to serious problems later on. From the number of photographers to the money and time etc, everything that has been finalized about the big day should be in black and white, read, understood, and signed by both the parties. This will help you avoid any hassles later on.

2.     Not Knowing the Poses

It is very important to finalize the poses you are going to do with the couple beforehand. There is nothing such as random poses when it comes to the bride and the groom. It is their big day and you need to make sure they make the best poses. And, to do that, you need to have a list of poses in your mind that you want to try with this couple.

3.     Listening to Everyone and Everything They Say

Remember, you are a professional photographer and know how things need to be done. There will be many people at the wedding who will be telling you about what pictures to take and what you should be doing. Do not let their opinions change your perspective. Keep in mind the agreement you made with your client and stand by it. You are just going to miss many important things if you stop and listen to everyone. Just do your job as you think is right because ultimately, you will be answerable to your clients.


4.     Not Keeping Extra Battery and Memory Cards

Weddings are long events where there are hundreds of random clicks being taken every minute. You can run out of the battery or the memory of your equipment any time. Do not ruin the day for your clients and make yourself look unprofessional by not carrying any backup for the batteries and the memory. This will allow you to extend the shoot if needed without much hassle.

5.     Not Knowing Important Guests

Another common mistake many wedding photographers make is not knowing the important guests. There will be so many people at the wedding but you don’t want to miss out the most important ones from the family and friends of the bride and the groom. Ask your coordinator to introduce the important people to you so you can make them a part of the wedding album.

These were some common mistakes a lot of wedding photographers make. If you want to be successful, make sure you stay away from these.