Wedding Day Traditions

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As we are progressing in society. you will realise that drastic traditions are slowly fading away, and new ones are taking there places.

Old, new, Borrowed, and blue is slowly fading away

Like tossing of the bridal Bouquet is fading away

It is up to you to decide what tradition to keep and which ones to loss

Toasts and speeches

Make sure to ask those who you would like to speak at your wedding at least a month before the wedding to them them time to prepare, because some people find it very difficult to speech in public.

Give them guideline of what you want them to say and what to leave out. They should also keep it short and sweet.

Some couple do the speeches between courses at the wedding Breakfast and others leave it until the end Just make sure everybody including photographer and wedding co-ordinaters know.

Again let photographers know in advance if anybody and who they are will be doing a reading at the wedding ceremony