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If your wedding is far away you will need accomodation

Block booking Hotel rooms

Most hotels now a day give you the choice if you want several rooms, some hotel will even let you book the entire floor. This is great if your budget allows for it.

You will have the bridal suit, then let your parents and grandparents choose there rooms first, you will also need rooms away from each other for the bride and groom to get ready in. You will also need somewhere for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen to get ready.

Venue Accommodation

Some venue will have several different packages that they can offer you as part of your all in package.

Guest accommodation

Your guest will need accomodation too, so it worth scouting the local area and finding a couple of option, The hotels details can be added to the invitation letter. I have know for one wedding I did where they hired the entire budget priced hotel for the weekend.

Tips and advice for wedding accomodation

Always book accomodation well in advance. You will be looking around for odd rooms here and there if you leave it to long.

You don’t have to provide accomodation for guests who can’t afford it as you will go way over your budget. If you really, really, really want that person to be there think long and hard about it.

The wedding party’s accomodation is normally paid for by the bride and groom. Ecspecially if you want them to pay for there own outfits.

Peak and off peak seasons apply to hotels as well. As with you wedding venue and time of year so take this into account when choosing your date.