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1; Make sure you have a budget in place before you start

2; have estimates on your budget sheet to help ,give you an idea of costs

  1. Work with percentages so that you can calculate exactly how much of your total budget is going where
  2. Put someone in charge of handling and managing your budget especially if your not great at money management.
  3. Keep your budget sheet up to date so you know what has been spent and what is left
  4. Dont overspend as you might end up having to take out a loan to pay your suppliers

Save money on wedding flowers

Flowers will take up a large part of your Budget and what will happen to them at the end of the day

Bridal Bouquet Start with your bouquet does it have to be the most elaborate. Your guest have come to see you not your flowers.

Centerpieces the next most costly expenses Do you need them if you do choose flowers and greenery that is in season Start of minimalist and just put the odd expensive flower hear and there.

Flower arrangements to get that absolutely pristine arrangement is going to cost a fortune bearing in mind most of the pictures you see are staged for the camera and not real weddings. this is a DIY area where you can really save money

Lats Get back to money saving tips

  1. Large flowers take up more space so you will need less of them, I have seen a wedding done completely using sun flowers
  2. Buy direct from the flower market, for if you buy from the florist they would have already put there mark up on.
  3. Raid you Loved one’s garden for plants. such as greenery and the odd branch and succulents.
  4. Go on the cheap and opt for less in your Bouquet, the Bridesmaid Bouquets and table decorations.
  5. Consider using paper flowers or homemade and paper is recyclable. Bride and bridesmaid evening in
  6. To go for the more natural look make the wedding go for more greenery and eucalyptus. Be sure to check prices as this is where they will start to run away
  7. choose flowers that are in season
  8. Don’t use trendy or mainstream flowers for your wedding because wedding trends tends to push up the price before you start, do some research and then avoid these flowers
  9. Be very specific with your numbers when buying flowers because any left over is money wasted.