Planning your wedding D I Y style

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This is a very long drawn out subject so I am going to break it down bit by bit over several Blogs.

Where to start

There are 3 main Elements

  • Wedding Checklist
  • Wedding Timeline
  • Wedding Budget

Is there a wedding date will definitely help your wedding planning to go a little bit smoother. You can already start to check the availability of venues and suppliers and check for seasonal prices.

If you dont have a date start with the following

Choose 3 possible dates

  • Determine what time of the year
  • List the pro’s and con’s of these dates
  • Write down what makes these dates unique? Is there anything significance to these dates

These steps should help you narrow down the dates and choose a final one

Also bear in mind the sooner the wedding the less time you have to arrange everything.

Do you want a spring wedding with all the wild flowers coming out.

Would you like a summer wedding where there is a bit more chance of sunshine.

Would you like a Winter/christmas wedding

Finding the wedding Venue

The most difficult part of planning your ideal venue will be cost, theme, style etc.

Is your Ceremony and reception at the same place, does your venue have a licence to conduct the marriage, so if you need two venue this will have a large impact on your budget, extra flowers, transport costs, amnd availability.

Once you have drawn up your list you now have to start visiting to narrow your list down. You can then start narrowing your list down to your final one keeping in mind cost, transportation and flowers.

Always have a plan B in place incase of Bad weather. It considered to be good luck to have rain on your wedding day. so try and choose a venue that can accommodate a rainy day.

The next instalment will be choosing a Photographer and a DJ