Wedding Day Traditions

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As we are progressing in society. you will realise that drastic traditions are slowly fading away, and new ones are taking there places.

Old, new, Borrowed, and blue is slowly fading away

Like tossing of the bridal Bouquet is fading away

It is up to you to decide what tradition to keep and which ones to loss

Toasts and speeches

Make sure to ask those who you would like to speak at your wedding at least a month before the wedding to them them time to prepare, because some people find it very difficult to speech in public.

Give them guideline of what you want them to say and what to leave out. They should also keep it short and sweet.

Some couple do the speeches between courses at the wedding Breakfast and others leave it until the end Just make sure everybody including photographer and wedding co-ordinaters know.

Again let photographers know in advance if anybody and who they are will be doing a reading at the wedding ceremony

Bride and Bridesmaid attire

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Going wedding dress shopping can seam like a challenging task, having search the internet for the type of wedding dress that you want take a picture of it with you when you go to the bridal boutique

A good quality wedding dress will allow for multiple adjustments without falling apart. Cheap fabric will disappoint you when it comes to comfort and adjustments.

Always make sure you use a professional seamstress to make the adjustments, dont just use the lady down the road because she’s cheap, your bridal boutique would be able to help you on this.

Your Veil and headpiece should be purchased after the dress for you dont want a veil that will hide the exquisite detail on the back of the dress.

Bridal shoes.

When purchasing your shoes do you rely want them with 6 inch heals. If you are wearing a long dress sweeping the floor you might be more comfortable wearing a simple white pair of shoes. No one is going to see them.Bear in mind you will be wearing them for up to 12 hours.

Garter and Lingerie

This is something that is very personal to you. so when you go shopping for these items do you really need to take the bridesmaids with you. just ensure that the garter is not to tight that it cuts the blood flow off to your leg and also make sure it doesn’t slide down when you are walking or dancing. As with your lingerie make sure it is comfortable and doesn’t show under your dress, remember it is personal to you.

many couple’s don’t consummate their wedding on the evening of the day. So pack your lingerie away for when you have your special evening together.

Bridesmaids Dresses

Each Bride will have her own vision of how she wants to dress her bridesmaids, you could dress them all identical, or you could go for a style of dress but in different colours your choices are endless.

Flower Girl or Girls

This is much easier as little girls like to be princesses so let her choose a dress that will make her feel like a princess for the day.

Tips for bridal wear and attire

  • It is perfectly OK to fall in love with the first dress you try o n
  • Don’t visit 20 boutiques and try on 80 dresses keep to 2-3 boutiques
  • Go when you have a dress in mind, take your pictures from the internet and find your wedding dress.
  • Don’t be afraid to be controversial if you love the peach dress in the window buy it
  • If you give your wedding party the choice give them guide lines as well.

Parents. It is up to you if you choose there outfits if you do just be careful not to make them look out of place in the wrong type of clothing. eg strapless dress. Most couples tend to leave the parents to choose there own attire for the day.

Wedding Day Theme

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Your wedding details will all resolve around your theme. Will it be a simple wedding or are you going for an elaborate do.

What type of ceremony are you having is it a simple registry office do.

Does your venue have a licence so you get married at the reception venue.

Are you having a Church wedding.

Which ever ceremony you are having will be based around a theme it could be just a simple Theme as in a colour, summer wedding you might be going for roses and orchids.

The following aspects will play a role in your theme

  • Theme type – if you are working with a theme, you will have to choose flowers and decor accordingly
  • Spending _ A smaller budget will limit your flowers and decor choices
  • Location _ where your wedding takes place will also influence your style


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If your wedding is far away you will need accomodation

Block booking Hotel rooms

Most hotels now a day give you the choice if you want several rooms, some hotel will even let you book the entire floor. This is great if your budget allows for it.

You will have the bridal suit, then let your parents and grandparents choose there rooms first, you will also need rooms away from each other for the bride and groom to get ready in. You will also need somewhere for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen to get ready.

Venue Accommodation

Some venue will have several different packages that they can offer you as part of your all in package.

Guest accommodation

Your guest will need accomodation too, so it worth scouting the local area and finding a couple of option, The hotels details can be added to the invitation letter. I have know for one wedding I did where they hired the entire budget priced hotel for the weekend.

Tips and advice for wedding accomodation

Always book accomodation well in advance. You will be looking around for odd rooms here and there if you leave it to long.

You don’t have to provide accomodation for guests who can’t afford it as you will go way over your budget. If you really, really, really want that person to be there think long and hard about it.

The wedding party’s accomodation is normally paid for by the bride and groom. Ecspecially if you want them to pay for there own outfits.

Peak and off peak seasons apply to hotels as well. As with you wedding venue and time of year so take this into account when choosing your date.

Booking your Photographer and DJ

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man holding black DSLR camera

Ceremony and Reception Music

Make sure the DJ you have booked will play music at both venues. Also make sure he has back up equipment and a Microphone that will be useful for the speeches.


The photographer is one of the main suppliers that need booking early. We photographer get booked up well in advance and any photographer that is going to charge you a reasonable fee will get booked, That leaves you with very expensive photographer or photographers that are just doing it on the odd weekend to make a bit of extra money that is why it is important to check out there past work and any reviews they may have. Most Photographers will have a couple of packages to offer you, Again check out there past work.

Booking an officiant

The next important supplier to book is the wedding officiant this can be a registrar priest, vicar or pastor. This is the person that will marry you to your partner. the wedding cannot take place without them in place. Again they get booked up early so dont delay book early.


  • Make yourself a wedding check list
  • Naver refuse help
  • Set your budget and stick to it Even a simple wedding will cost a couple of Thousand. With more lavish wedding go £10,000-£20,000 is not unusual.


Figure out how much you can afford to spend without getting into debt or taking out a loan.

So make your list of everything you would like for your Big day and then see where you can start to scale it down

So you should end up with a budget and stick to it. Make sure you pay everyone before wedding day.

Most suppliers will let you pay monthly making sure that the final payment is made before wedding day. You dont want the florist, DJ, or photographer not turning up because they haven’t been paid


Estimate your guest count

To start with create a list of who you would like to invite, Add everyone you know that you want to be there. If you need to go to your facebook page and see who is there. Don’t forget to add your family.

Starting your list

Start with family first as they are the most important guests at your wedding. Then add all the friends you wish to have there. Then colleges and bosses, if you really feel you have to have them there.

Who not to invite

Exes and past lovers no matter how close you still are, it’s just not ethical

Work colleges do you really want all the office politics at your wedding? Also are you going to offend some work colleges?

Acquaintances If you dont really know them that well why should they attend your big day.

Friends of Friends Fine but are they really your friends

A note on inviting people. It is your wedding it is not a High school, reunion. If you haven’t seen them for 5 years should they really be there?

Also if your budget is tight only invite the guests you really want there, you will be paying for each and everyone that is attending.

The rule about plus one

The same rules apply to guests having a plus one. If it a close family member, consider giving them the opportunity to bring a date. Then if your Brother is seeing a new girl every week, should he really get the option of having a plus one? will she be in the photo’s?.


Your wedding party members will be the ones who stick with you from the start of your wedding planning until you depart for your Honeymoo n. Choose the carefully and wisely

Your bridesmaids should not be people you barely know and tghe same goes for the groomsmen, choose people who are always there for you who you can rely on through thick and slim.

  • Don’t be afraid to eliminate people from your list in fear of offending them.
  • If you feel bad that you didn’t invite someone send them a card explaining the reason
  • If your parents are paying for the wedding, they get first pick on who is invited. It is not right that you invite 80 friends that you only see occasionally and they only invite 20 family members because the budget is small.
  • Manage your Guest list from day 1 Create as spreadsheet of names when invitations were sent when you get reply menu choice are they vegetarians.

Home Studio part 5 Lighting

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A Beginners Guide to Studio Lighting:- There are two types of lighting :- Continuous
:- Flash

Continuous Lighting has its good points and its Bad points
Its Good Points
• Its inexpensive, and makes a good starting point for a small budget
• You can see where its shining causing the shadows
Its Bad Points
• It produces more heat than light
• The light that it produces is not balanced daylight
The heat produced by the continuous light can make it very hot and uncomfortable to work in also as it is very bright it can close down the eyes not very good for a model and not very good for your portrait. Taking photos in artifial light and they can look yellow this is because daylight is measured at 5.600 Kelvin and tungsten bulbs are nearer 3.200 kelvin. This can be overcome with the use of Falters and the virtual dark room

Flash Light
With a normal flash light fitted to your camera you wont know what you’re taking a picture of until after you have taken it.
The advantage of studio Flash lights
• Most Modern flash lights also have a small lamp in the middle a Modelling lamp with this you can see exactly where your flash will go. The one thing you do need to remember is the Flash will be a lot brighter causing your shadow to be darker.
• With the continuous light we said it would get hotter with use the flash doesn’t so will always give off then same white light.
• Modern flash units can give off huge amounts of power can be adjusted down to half power or less
• If you can’t adjust the power you can always move the lamps closer or further away

Home studio Lenses

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Home Studio Lenses

Which lens do I choose will determine the quality of the image the camera will help you produce? There is no camera out there will produce a magnificent image with a bad Len’s. Whilst you have a budget in place for that shinny new camera body. Think about buying a high-quality lens.
A good lens will depend on what you are mainly going to be shooting. It doesn’t have to be the lens with the widest aperture. Most wide aperture lens’s are extremely expensive and may not produce the result you are looking for Whilst producing beautiful bokeh ideal for baby shoots but not ideal for group and family
You also need to consider where you will be using your camera. If it’s in a room in your home, consider the size of your room as you won’t be able to use a 100mm lens for a full length portrait.
There are two main types of lens. Prime lenses and Zoom Lenses
PRIME LENSES Autofocus prime lenses are great when your subject is moving around e:g fashion photography where you want full length images for this and group and family where you want a realy sharp images with about f7-f8 so you don’t need f1.8
The Nikon 50mm is a great lens for this and is relatively cheap
The Nikon 85mm is also a great lens that will produce a beautiful bokeh and sharp image both indoors and outside and is relatively inexpensive.

ZOOM LENSES can be great as they have such a variety of focal lengths whilst zooming in and out. I have several zoom lenses but my most recent is the Nikon 24mm-70mm F2/8 It gives great Images both indoors and out but expensive about £1000 mark.
Another great lens is the Nikon 18mm-125mmm great indoor and out about £800
Be sure when buying your new lens that it has Vibration reduction.
Camera straps are on e of those things you need that can become a nuisance and in the way. Some photographers take them off and just carry the camera in their hands. This is not without risk of dropping it. Neck straps are a good idea but they do tend to cause neck and back ache.
• CAMERA SLING STRAPS: These normally go over one shoulder with another small strap to go under the arm to secure it in place allowing you carry your camera securely by your side Amazon under £20
• HAND HELD STRAP these go onto your camera with a small strap around your wrist so if you do loose grip it doesn’t fall to the floor. I use this for casual shooting. Amazon for under £10
• DOUBLE SLING STRAP This is shoulder straps, but you can have a camera on each side of your body I find this very useful for weddings when you need two different lenses. Again Amazon for under £25
• HOLSTER This is where you carry your camera strapped to your chest similar to a gun holster worn around your waist. Amazon Approx. £25
On all these do make sure you also use a safety strap as I have had a attachment to the camera break

Choosing A Tripod

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Choosing your Tripod

Choosing your Tripod
Your Bought your nice shinny camera and a selection of lenses, when hand holding these, they become heavy and your hands are not perfectly still so when you look at your images you have camera shake and spoilt images, some of these images you may never be able to shoot again. How to stop that is to invest in a tripod.

So, we have now discovered that we do need a tripod, there are several factors that we need to think about before buying.

So, we now must consider how much of a dent we need to put into our bank account. Photography is not always very cheap. So, it is now that you can go out and see what your going to get for your money. Do I really need the most expensive up to date tripod or will a cheapy do the job I need? With them ranging in price anything from about £15 up to £1000 that is not to say that the most expensive is the best. You could find the one that suit you for about £200

The next thing to consider is the weight limitations of your tripod and the weight of the tripod itself, this is especially important if you are a travelling photographer, your camera bag already has a couple of camera body’s possible 5or 6 lenses battery, laptop, and loads of other equipment so you now have to think about how much extra weight do I want to add to my camera bag. Think about the extra strain on your back and neck and shoulder pain. Trust me on that one I’ve done it.
In addition to the weight of the tripod you need to consider the limitations of the tripod itself. Some of our DSLR camera can be pretty heavy my own with a standard 24-70 lens on weights in just over 3 kilos. This is important as you don’t want to set your camera up only to see it tumble over with the slightest breeze and damage your camera causing very expensive repairs just because you saved a few pound on the tripod itself.

The Third thing to consider is Height. If you’re a tall person you don’t want to be bending over all the time again giving you a bad back. On the other hand, if you’re a short person then you probably don’t have to worry. So, consideration how high the tripod will go also how low it will go especially if shooting macro photography like insects. Another consideration is how wide the legs will spread. The wider the legs the more stability you will have. Once you have considered all these area’s you will have a better idea of which tripod suits you. Once you have purchased your dream tripod look after it and it will probably out last you unless you break it like I did and ran it over with the car.

The last thing to consider is do I want a 3 way adjusting head or a Ball head

Planning your wedding D I Y style

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This is a very long drawn out subject so I am going to break it down bit by bit over several Blogs.

Where to start

There are 3 main Elements

  • Wedding Checklist
  • Wedding Timeline
  • Wedding Budget

Is there a wedding date will definitely help your wedding planning to go a little bit smoother. You can already start to check the availability of venues and suppliers and check for seasonal prices.

If you dont have a date start with the following

Choose 3 possible dates

  • Determine what time of the year
  • List the pro’s and con’s of these dates
  • Write down what makes these dates unique? Is there anything significance to these dates

These steps should help you narrow down the dates and choose a final one

Also bear in mind the sooner the wedding the less time you have to arrange everything.

Do you want a spring wedding with all the wild flowers coming out.

Would you like a summer wedding where there is a bit more chance of sunshine.

Would you like a Winter/christmas wedding

Finding the wedding Venue

The most difficult part of planning your ideal venue will be cost, theme, style etc.

Is your Ceremony and reception at the same place, does your venue have a licence to conduct the marriage, so if you need two venue this will have a large impact on your budget, extra flowers, transport costs, amnd availability.

Once you have drawn up your list you now have to start visiting to narrow your list down. You can then start narrowing your list down to your final one keeping in mind cost, transportation and flowers.

Always have a plan B in place incase of Bad weather. It considered to be good luck to have rain on your wedding day. so try and choose a venue that can accommodate a rainy day.

The next instalment will be choosing a Photographer and a DJ

Question to ask your clients

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5 Important Questions a Wedding Photographer Must Ask Their Clients

If you are a wedding photographer, you know how important of a task you are doing. The bride and the groom are depending on you to capture the lasting memories of their big day. There are no retakes here and you need to get it right the very first time. If you want to make the special day of your clients even more special, you need to ask them some questions, which will tell you a lot about what your clients are expecting from you.

1. The Budget
The first thing to ask your clients is their budget for photography. While it will be awkward to ask, it is very important to know how much they are willing to pay as many other things will depend on it. This also lets you know if you are ready to take the project as it is or will have to negotiate on the price.

2. The Number of Photos They Need
The next important question to ask your clients once you know their budget is how many photographs they need, both digital and hard copies. The number of photographs depend on the budget they have, therefore, you can share the number of photographs you can provide them once you are aware of how much they are willing to pay you.

3. The Guest Count
It is important to know a rough estimate of the number of guests invited to the wedding as you will have to decide many other things based on that. From the number of photographers needed to cover the wedding to the time distribution and other important things, all this will be based on the number of guests. If it is a big wedding, it is best to take an assistant with you so that you don’t miss out any important moments or people while clicking photos. For small private affairs, one photographer will be enough.

4. The Poses
Ask your clients if they have any list of poses they want to try. You can discuss with them the ideas you have in mind related to the poses for both the bride and the groom separately as well as for the couple shoot. There are many clients who do a thorough research about the poses and are very particular about them. Asking them beforehand will let you know how much liberty you will have in recommending poses to your clients.

5. A Pre or Post Wedding Shoot
Ask your clients if they want you to take pictures of them before or after the ceremony or not. It is important to ask beforehand as you will have to set your schedule accordingly. Also, you might consider adding some extra money from it and discuss it with your clients beforehand.

These were some of the most important questions to ask your clients before you finalize everything. It will make it very easy for you to work on the wedding when everything is clear right from the beginning.