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A Beginners Guide to Studio Lighting:- There are two types of lighting :- Continuous
:- Flash

Continuous Lighting has its good points and its Bad points
Its Good Points
• Its inexpensive, and makes a good starting point for a small budget
• You can see where its shining causing the shadows
Its Bad Points
• It produces more heat than light
• The light that it produces is not balanced daylight
The heat produced by the continuous light can make it very hot and uncomfortable to work in also as it is very bright it can close down the eyes not very good for a model and not very good for your portrait. Taking photos in artifial light and they can look yellow this is because daylight is measured at 5.600 Kelvin and tungsten bulbs are nearer 3.200 kelvin. This can be overcome with the use of Falters and the virtual dark room

Flash Light
With a normal flash light fitted to your camera you wont know what you’re taking a picture of until after you have taken it.
The advantage of studio Flash lights
• Most Modern flash lights also have a small lamp in the middle a Modelling lamp with this you can see exactly where your flash will go. The one thing you do need to remember is the Flash will be a lot brighter causing your shadow to be darker.
• With the continuous light we said it would get hotter with use the flash doesn’t so will always give off then same white light.
• Modern flash units can give off huge amounts of power can be adjusted down to half power or less
• If you can’t adjust the power you can always move the lamps closer or further away