Home studio Lenses

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Home Studio Lenses

Which lens do I choose will determine the quality of the image the camera will help you produce? There is no camera out there will produce a magnificent image with a bad Len’s. Whilst you have a budget in place for that shinny new camera body. Think about buying a high-quality lens.
A good lens will depend on what you are mainly going to be shooting. It doesn’t have to be the lens with the widest aperture. Most wide aperture lens’s are extremely expensive and may not produce the result you are looking for Whilst producing beautiful bokeh ideal for baby shoots but not ideal for group and family
You also need to consider where you will be using your camera. If it’s in a room in your home, consider the size of your room as you won’t be able to use a 100mm lens for a full length portrait.
There are two main types of lens. Prime lenses and Zoom Lenses
PRIME LENSES Autofocus prime lenses are great when your subject is moving around e:g fashion photography where you want full length images for this and group and family where you want a realy sharp images with about f7-f8 so you don’t need f1.8
The Nikon 50mm is a great lens for this and is relatively cheap
The Nikon 85mm is also a great lens that will produce a beautiful bokeh and sharp image both indoors and outside and is relatively inexpensive.

ZOOM LENSES can be great as they have such a variety of focal lengths whilst zooming in and out. I have several zoom lenses but my most recent is the Nikon 24mm-70mm F2/8 It gives great Images both indoors and out but expensive about £1000 mark.
Another great lens is the Nikon 18mm-125mmm great indoor and out about £800
Be sure when buying your new lens that it has Vibration reduction.
Camera straps are on e of those things you need that can become a nuisance and in the way. Some photographers take them off and just carry the camera in their hands. This is not without risk of dropping it. Neck straps are a good idea but they do tend to cause neck and back ache.
• CAMERA SLING STRAPS: These normally go over one shoulder with another small strap to go under the arm to secure it in place allowing you carry your camera securely by your side Amazon under £20
• HAND HELD STRAP these go onto your camera with a small strap around your wrist so if you do loose grip it doesn’t fall to the floor. I use this for casual shooting. Amazon for under £10
• DOUBLE SLING STRAP This is shoulder straps, but you can have a camera on each side of your body I find this very useful for weddings when you need two different lenses. Again Amazon for under £25
• HOLSTER This is where you carry your camera strapped to your chest similar to a gun holster worn around your waist. Amazon Approx. £25
On all these do make sure you also use a safety strap as I have had a attachment to the camera break