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My Experience with the Best Wedding Photographer in Hereford

Previous month I had my wedding. I was really running out of time arranging  lots of things. Yes, I had my friends helping me. Yet, there were several chores requiring better management. 

For example, I had no clue about professional photography. I wanted to chronicle the event in a nice manner. After all, it was my wedding. 

Two weeks before the event, one of my relatives recommended Eric Photography. It has a reputation in the Hereford area and its outskirts for impeccable wedding photography services. I thought of giving it a shot. 

Clear Communication

One of the first things that impressed me about Eric Photography as the Wedding Photographer Hereford is their professional approach to listen to you. The communication channel isn’t sophisticated.

  • You can contact them via mail or phone number
  • They will be quick to respond
  • They are patient to listen to your specifications for the event
  • They are excellent in recommending better things to photograph your wedding
  • They are very transparent about sharing views
  • You can reach them at any hour
  • Contact them multiple times and they will readily welcome your ideas

Meeting the budget

I had practically concern over the budget. There were many aspects of the event for which I had to use my savings. Thus, I was a bit sceptical about the costs. However, the services of Wedding Photographer Hereford were affordable. 

  • Costs that are not intimidating
  • You will get customizations in terms of rates
  • Competitive pricing as per the market standards
  • No inflated pricing
  • Nicely tailored packages
  • There are no hidden costs
  • Complete transparency in the deals
  • There are provisions for discounts 
  • You can upscale or downscale the project requirements with adjustable pricing

Expert photographers

It is beyond doubt that I was overly satisfied with the expertise of the photographers. They were extremely professional and knew what they were doing. I would definitely recommend them to any person who is searching for top-rated wedding photographers. 

  • Having rich experience of wedding photography for many years
  • Possessing great technical expertise in all aspects of wedding photography
  • Using modern equipments and photography tools 
  • Know the exact angles from which the images are more picturesque 
  • Skillful in capturing the right moments
  • Expert in couple and group photographs
  • Reflect the energetic and positive vibes of the event in a balanced, aesthetic way

Illustrious album

I was still in a little bit of doubt after the event that went well. They had to deliver the photo album. Although I was confident that it would be good, yet I did not exactly know what was waiting for me. They proved me wrong by delivering a terrific wedding photo album on time. It was gorgeous, filled with crisp, beautiful images. I was more than elated. 

Get in touch with them

As you already know, through my personal experience, the service provided is able and creative, I would suggest contacting them for any kind of wedding photography. Whether the event is in a chapel or at a destination island, consult them for amazing photos. 

Thank you Eric photography