Choosing A Tripod

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Choosing your Tripod

Choosing your Tripod
Your Bought your nice shinny camera and a selection of lenses, when hand holding these, they become heavy and your hands are not perfectly still so when you look at your images you have camera shake and spoilt images, some of these images you may never be able to shoot again. How to stop that is to invest in a tripod.

So, we have now discovered that we do need a tripod, there are several factors that we need to think about before buying.

So, we now must consider how much of a dent we need to put into our bank account. Photography is not always very cheap. So, it is now that you can go out and see what your going to get for your money. Do I really need the most expensive up to date tripod or will a cheapy do the job I need? With them ranging in price anything from about £15 up to £1000 that is not to say that the most expensive is the best. You could find the one that suit you for about £200

The next thing to consider is the weight limitations of your tripod and the weight of the tripod itself, this is especially important if you are a travelling photographer, your camera bag already has a couple of camera body’s possible 5or 6 lenses battery, laptop, and loads of other equipment so you now have to think about how much extra weight do I want to add to my camera bag. Think about the extra strain on your back and neck and shoulder pain. Trust me on that one I’ve done it.
In addition to the weight of the tripod you need to consider the limitations of the tripod itself. Some of our DSLR camera can be pretty heavy my own with a standard 24-70 lens on weights in just over 3 kilos. This is important as you don’t want to set your camera up only to see it tumble over with the slightest breeze and damage your camera causing very expensive repairs just because you saved a few pound on the tripod itself.

The Third thing to consider is Height. If you’re a tall person you don’t want to be bending over all the time again giving you a bad back. On the other hand, if you’re a short person then you probably don’t have to worry. So, consideration how high the tripod will go also how low it will go especially if shooting macro photography like insects. Another consideration is how wide the legs will spread. The wider the legs the more stability you will have. Once you have considered all these area’s you will have a better idea of which tripod suits you. Once you have purchased your dream tripod look after it and it will probably out last you unless you break it like I did and ran it over with the car.

The last thing to consider is do I want a 3 way adjusting head or a Ball head