Wedding Day Traditions

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Traditions As we are progressing in society. you will realise that drastic traditions are slowly fading away, and new ones are taking there places. Old, new, Borrowed, and blue is slowly fading away Like tossing of the bridal Bouquet is fading away It is up to you to decide what tradition to keep and which […]

Bride and Bridesmaid attire

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OUTFITS AND ATTIRE Going wedding dress shopping can seam like a challenging task, having search the internet for the type of wedding dress that you want take a picture of it with you when you go to the bridal boutique A good quality wedding dress will allow for multiple adjustments without falling apart. Cheap fabric […]

Wedding Day Theme

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DETERMINING THE THEME FOR YOU WEDDING Your wedding details will all resolve around your theme. Will it be a simple wedding or are you going for an elaborate do. What type of ceremony are you having is it a simple registry office do. Does your venue have a licence so you get married at the […]


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If your wedding is far away you will need accomodation Block booking Hotel rooms Most hotels now a day give you the choice if you want several rooms, some hotel will even let you book the entire floor. This is great if your budget allows for it. You will have the bridal suit, then let […]

Booking your Photographer and DJ

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Ceremony and Reception Music Make sure the DJ you have booked will play music at both venues. Also make sure he has back up equipment and a Microphone that will be useful for the speeches. Photographer The photographer is one of the main suppliers that need booking early. We photographer get booked up well in […]

Home Studio part 5 Lighting

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A Beginners Guide to Studio Lighting:- There are two types of lighting :- Continuous :- Flash Continuous Lighting has its good points and its Bad points Its Good Points • Its inexpensive, and makes a good starting point for a small budget • You can see where its shining causing the shadows Its Bad Points […]

Home studio Lenses

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Home Studio Lenses Which lens do I choose will determine the quality of the image the camera will help you produce? There is no camera out there will produce a magnificent image with a bad Len’s. Whilst you have a budget in place for that shinny new camera body. Think about buying a high-quality lens. […]

Choosing A Tripod

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Choosing your Tripod Choosing your Tripod Your Bought your nice shinny camera and a selection of lenses, when hand holding these, they become heavy and your hands are not perfectly still so when you look at your images you have camera shake and spoilt images, some of these images you may never be able to […]

Planning your wedding D I Y style

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This is a very long drawn out subject so I am going to break it down bit by bit over several Blogs. Where to start There are 3 main Elements Wedding Checklist Wedding Timeline Wedding Budget Is there a wedding date will definitely help your wedding planning to go a little bit smoother. You can […]

Question to ask your clients

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5 Important Questions a Wedding Photographer Must Ask Their Clients If you are a wedding photographer, you know how important of a task you are doing. The bride and the groom are depending on you to capture the lasting memories of their big day. There are no retakes here and you need to get it […]