Bride and Bridesmaid attire

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Going wedding dress shopping can seam like a challenging task, having search the internet for the type of wedding dress that you want take a picture of it with you when you go to the bridal boutique

A good quality wedding dress will allow for multiple adjustments without falling apart. Cheap fabric will disappoint you when it comes to comfort and adjustments.

Always make sure you use a professional seamstress to make the adjustments, dont just use the lady down the road because she’s cheap, your bridal boutique would be able to help you on this.

Your Veil and headpiece should be purchased after the dress for you dont want a veil that will hide the exquisite detail on the back of the dress.

Bridal shoes.

When purchasing your shoes do you rely want them with 6 inch heals. If you are wearing a long dress sweeping the floor you might be more comfortable wearing a simple white pair of shoes. No one is going to see them.Bear in mind you will be wearing them for up to 12 hours.

Garter and Lingerie

This is something that is very personal to you. so when you go shopping for these items do you really need to take the bridesmaids with you. just ensure that the garter is not to tight that it cuts the blood flow off to your leg and also make sure it doesn’t slide down when you are walking or dancing. As with your lingerie make sure it is comfortable and doesn’t show under your dress, remember it is personal to you.

many couple’s don’t consummate their wedding on the evening of the day. So pack your lingerie away for when you have your special evening together.

Bridesmaids Dresses

Each Bride will have her own vision of how she wants to dress her bridesmaids, you could dress them all identical, or you could go for a style of dress but in different colours your choices are endless.

Flower Girl or Girls

This is much easier as little girls like to be princesses so let her choose a dress that will make her feel like a princess for the day.

Tips for bridal wear and attire

  • It is perfectly OK to fall in love with the first dress you try o n
  • Don’t visit 20 boutiques and try on 80 dresses keep to 2-3 boutiques
  • Go when you have a dress in mind, take your pictures from the internet and find your wedding dress.
  • Don’t be afraid to be controversial if you love the peach dress in the window buy it
  • If you give your wedding party the choice give them guide lines as well.

Parents. It is up to you if you choose there outfits if you do just be careful not to make them look out of place in the wrong type of clothing. eg strapless dress. Most couples tend to leave the parents to choose there own attire for the day.