Booking your Photographer and DJ

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Ceremony and Reception Music

Make sure the DJ you have booked will play music at both venues. Also make sure he has back up equipment and a Microphone that will be useful for the speeches.


The photographer is one of the main suppliers that need booking early. We photographer get booked up well in advance and any photographer that is going to charge you a reasonable fee will get booked, That leaves you with very expensive photographer or photographers that are just doing it on the odd weekend to make a bit of extra money that is why it is important to check out there past work and any reviews they may have. Most Photographers will have a couple of packages to offer you, Again check out there past work.

Booking an officiant

The next important supplier to book is the wedding officiant this can be a registrar priest, vicar or pastor. This is the person that will marry you to your partner. the wedding cannot take place without them in place. Again they get booked up early so dont delay book early.


  • Make yourself a wedding check list
  • Naver refuse help
  • Set your budget and stick to it Even a simple wedding will cost a couple of Thousand. With more lavish wedding go £10,000-£20,000 is not unusual.


Figure out how much you can afford to spend without getting into debt or taking out a loan.

So make your list of everything you would like for your Big day and then see where you can start to scale it down

So you should end up with a budget and stick to it. Make sure you pay everyone before wedding day.

Most suppliers will let you pay monthly making sure that the final payment is made before wedding day. You dont want the florist, DJ, or photographer not turning up because they haven’t been paid


Estimate your guest count

To start with create a list of who you would like to invite, Add everyone you know that you want to be there. If you need to go to your facebook page and see who is there. Don’t forget to add your family.

Starting your list

Start with family first as they are the most important guests at your wedding. Then add all the friends you wish to have there. Then colleges and bosses, if you really feel you have to have them there.

Who not to invite

Exes and past lovers no matter how close you still are, it’s just not ethical

Work colleges do you really want all the office politics at your wedding? Also are you going to offend some work colleges?

Acquaintances If you dont really know them that well why should they attend your big day.

Friends of Friends Fine but are they really your friends

A note on inviting people. It is your wedding it is not a High school, reunion. If you haven’t seen them for 5 years should they really be there?

Also if your budget is tight only invite the guests you really want there, you will be paying for each and everyone that is attending.

The rule about plus one

The same rules apply to guests having a plus one. If it a close family member, consider giving them the opportunity to bring a date. Then if your Brother is seeing a new girl every week, should he really get the option of having a plus one? will she be in the photo’s?.


Your wedding party members will be the ones who stick with you from the start of your wedding planning until you depart for your Honeymoo n. Choose the carefully and wisely

Your bridesmaids should not be people you barely know and tghe same goes for the groomsmen, choose people who are always there for you who you can rely on through thick and slim.

  • Don’t be afraid to eliminate people from your list in fear of offending them.
  • If you feel bad that you didn’t invite someone send them a card explaining the reason
  • If your parents are paying for the wedding, they get first pick on who is invited. It is not right that you invite 80 friends that you only see occasionally and they only invite 20 family members because the budget is small.
  • Manage your Guest list from day 1 Create as spreadsheet of names when invitations were sent when you get reply menu choice are they vegetarians.