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Hereford Photography- A Colourful Wedding & Engagement Photography!

A photograph is a pictorial memory, encapsulated in nostalgia, happiness and at times, in revelry. Your special moments become more special through photographs your ordinary moments become a stream of emotion through photographs. We, at Hereford Photography, specialize in Wedding and Engagement Photography Services, providing you the exquisitely glamorous quotient that you look for in celebrations of passionate bonding.

Who we are

  • We are a dedicated team of professional photographers who have rich experience in the field of photography, especially in events like gala weddings and cosy engagements.
  • Our expertise makes the photographs lively, brimming with jubilant spirits. You can fully rely on us in both technical and aesthetic matters of photography, when it is all about chronicling the exclusive moments of your life.
  • Our perfection will amaze you. We have an excellent and growing portfolio of flawlessly handling several high-profile projects for numerous clients.

What we do

From capturing that delicate moment when you insert a diamond ring into your partner’s slender finger to expertly freezing the shot when both of you are showered with flowers and champagne, we intricately care and deftly click each granular moment through our well-tailored Wedding and Engagement Photography Services. You don’t have to worry about the quality as we have always assured a world-class standard and will continue to do so. Your photographs will be candid and reflect a joyous celebration of a wholesome life. The immensely merrymaking atmosphere of the venue is also captured through our crisp photography.

Why choose us

If you want your wedding or engagement to be something beyond an event, then select us. For a sincere warmth and endless spirit of authentic revelry, you need our services. You can flexibly choose a location where you have set the event. It can be a flourishing garden, premises of a quaint castle, dreamy beach or an extravagant resort terrace. Our photographs blend the smiling couple with the sweet vibrations of the atmosphere just like a work of art. Our photography services also entail top-quality videos and professionally edited compact albums. There are also other salient features that benefit you, such as –

  • Sophisticated equipment with ultra-modern backup photography devices
  • Incredible editing, perfect to the core
  • Service rates that are competitive and well within your budget
  • A rich spectrum of experience
  • Colourful, high-definition, delicately textured photographs

Capturing uniqueness         

Your wedding or engagement is primarily about you and your partner. We plan and execute with thorough preparedness to capture the unique bonding between you both, marking the beginning of a prosperous journey. The togetherness of a couple blooms like springtime flowers in our accurately focused photographs.

Go through the reviews

If you are interested to know what our previous clients say about the services, feel free to read the reviews that they have written, which we consider our asset to move forward.

Enquire without hesitation

For clearing doubts and furthering queries, don’t hesitate to enquire through e-mail or mobile about how we can help you.

Hiring your wedding photographer 1

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Choosing the Very Best HFD Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding day

Are you making plans for your dream wedding? You have done intensive homework. You have already made a selection of the venue, caterer, cake and gown. Now you are thinking of getting in touch with a professional photographer. This is the individual who is going to capture the moments of your significant day. You are still debating whether you should take the offer of your cousin, an amateur lens man for taking the shots of the big day. Drop the awful idea. One of the crucial investments you can make is getting in touch with a professional for capturing your day. 

Preserving your pictures

When the topic of freezing your momentous event arises, then there is no way you should think of skimping. Seek the intervention of HFD Wedding Photographer for receiving high-quality photographs. Keep in mind that the pictures of your big day are not like regular pictures. They are indeed unique and need to be preserved during the entire lifetime. Many customs and rituals will prevent you from taking part behind the lens.

  • Premium images

The task of a shutterbug is not at all an easy one. This is an art which takes several years of practice along with the implementation of the right skills. To make the snaps more beautiful, you will need editing. All these actions are possible by the professionals. They are the ones who have access to superior quality equipment, and so it becomes possible for them to secure the best shots for you. Freeze the cherished event of your life with the assistance of HFD Wedding Photographer. 

  • Effective planning

It is tough to come across your desired outcome without adequate preparation. Making a plan well in advance will help you to gain an understanding regarding the direction to make progress. Hiring experts is a wise decision because they have the knowhow about covering the entire event without any hiccups. Your program may extend from a few hours to the whole day. An expert will be prepared with appropriate equipment in his hands. If you have plans to go to other locations, then they will arrive on time. If the timeline is putting you on stress, then you may want to avail the help of lens men.

  • Suggestion of other vendors

The documentaries have a lot of experience, and they have happened to see a lot in their lives. By virtue of their professional responsibilities, they are able to know the other vendors. They have a better network, and if you are stuck, then you can rely on their help. Establish contact with the best vendors by obtaining suggestions from specialists. 

Choose intelligently

You should conduct a comprehensive study on the net to obtain the names of prominent shutterbugs with expertise in the field of weddings. Do not skip on the research phase. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous. You will not only fail to get a successful outcome but there will be unnecessary wastage of money. Read the reviews of past clients before making a decision.

Hiring your Wedding Photographer 2

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What To Look For In Your Wedding Photographer?

Did you settle on your wedding date? Then among the countless things you need to take care of, one of the aspects you will be required to do is to get in touch with a professional photographer. The snaps will tell the story of your big day time and again.

Highlighting some of the tips

You must have realized the importance of hiring a specialist for capturing the momentous day of your life. Revive the romance anew by taking a look at the shots of Hereford Wedding Photographer. While making a decision, you have to keep the artistic style and professional skills in mind. 

  1. Variety of styles

It is a sensible idea to take a look at the portfolio of the cameraman. An efficient cameraman is in a position to provide a wide range of styles. With these styles, the personalities of the bride and groom are captured, and the essence of their happiness is etched in these snaps forever. You should be able to clearly convey the style you are looking for and then check if the expert can provide you the desired outcome. Hereford Wedding Photographer will capture the emotions of your special day.

  • Picture quality

Ensure that you run a check on all their pictures and not just the ones that they have handpicked for their online gallery. This step on your part will help you to get a fair description of their image quality. Irrespective of whether you are searching for an expert excelling in an informal style or someone with a contemporary technique, you should do detailed homework and shop around accordingly.

  • Friendly attitude

It is essential to have a good rapport with your lens man. As a couple, you will be placing all your trust and faith in the cameraman. It is vital that you feel relaxed in his company. Make sure that you feel a connection with him; otherwise, your discomfort will become apparent in the pictures. If the specialist is approachable, then the guests will also be at ease, and this will reflect on the images shot.

  • Years of experience 

It is of utmost importance to choose a specialist who can handle his job even in challenging situations. He should have the ability to cope with the constant pressure so that treasured moments are not missed. It is a prudent idea to get in touch with a specialist who has some prior experience in dealing with the wedding venue. Otherwise, he should take time out to explore the location beforehand. 

Think intelligently

Getting hold of a competent photographer requires intensive research on the internet. You should also keep the pricing structure in mind. However, it would help if you did not make your decision based on the price factor alone. It would be best if you never compromised on the quality of pictures. Make sure that the specialist you plan to hire has a solid reputation in the industry. You may even want to get in touch with some of his past clients. Talk to them to know about their experience. 


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The rule of thirds is one of the first principles of composition that most photographers come across as they learn about photography. The basic principle is very simple—that you can make a more pleasing composition by placing the main point (or points) of interest one third of way in from the top or bottom and from either side of the image. An easy way to visualize this is to imagine a grid superimposed on the image. The grid divides the frame into thirds both horizontally and vertically. The four points where the lines of the grid intersect are said to be the ideal locations to place the main point of interest of the photo.
The model, Hayley, is placed more or less on one of the intersections of the grid. In theory, this creates a better composition than placing her in the centre, or close to the edge of the frame.
But in order to learn more about composition, and move beyond the rule of thirds and take better photos, we need to first understand what the rule of thirds is telling us to do.
Another place you’ll see the rule of thirds come into play is with landscape photography. The general advice is to place the horizon on one of the thirds so that you end up with one-third sky and two-thirds land (or the other way around).
The same advice also applies to portraits. The general wisdom is that you should place the eyes of your subject as close to the intersection of thirds as possible.

Does this mean that you should compose your photos according to the rule of thirds all the time? No it doesn’t. You should think of the rule of thirds as the “guideline” of thirds—a suggestion as to where you should place the subject. Sometimes it’s the best place for your subject, and sometimes it isn’t. The challenge is learning some of the other principles of composition that help you decide when to go with the rule of thirds and when to ignore it.
I’ll finish this section with a final thought on the rule of thirds from fine art photographer Cole Thompson, quoting his version of the rule:
A great image is comprised of 1/3 vision, 1/3 the shot and 1/3 processing.


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1; Make sure you have a budget in place before you start

2; have estimates on your budget sheet to help ,give you an idea of costs

  1. Work with percentages so that you can calculate exactly how much of your total budget is going where
  2. Put someone in charge of handling and managing your budget especially if your not great at money management.
  3. Keep your budget sheet up to date so you know what has been spent and what is left
  4. Dont overspend as you might end up having to take out a loan to pay your suppliers

Save money on wedding flowers

Flowers will take up a large part of your Budget and what will happen to them at the end of the day

Bridal Bouquet Start with your bouquet does it have to be the most elaborate. Your guest have come to see you not your flowers.

Centerpieces the next most costly expenses Do you need them if you do choose flowers and greenery that is in season Start of minimalist and just put the odd expensive flower hear and there.

Flower arrangements to get that absolutely pristine arrangement is going to cost a fortune bearing in mind most of the pictures you see are staged for the camera and not real weddings. this is a DIY area where you can really save money

Lats Get back to money saving tips

  1. Large flowers take up more space so you will need less of them, I have seen a wedding done completely using sun flowers
  2. Buy direct from the flower market, for if you buy from the florist they would have already put there mark up on.
  3. Raid you Loved one’s garden for plants. such as greenery and the odd branch and succulents.
  4. Go on the cheap and opt for less in your Bouquet, the Bridesmaid Bouquets and table decorations.
  5. Consider using paper flowers or homemade and paper is recyclable. Bride and bridesmaid evening in
  6. To go for the more natural look make the wedding go for more greenery and eucalyptus. Be sure to check prices as this is where they will start to run away
  7. choose flowers that are in season
  8. Don’t use trendy or mainstream flowers for your wedding because wedding trends tends to push up the price before you start, do some research and then avoid these flowers
  9. Be very specific with your numbers when buying flowers because any left over is money wasted.

Groom and Groomsmen attire

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Unless you want the groom to wear a particular colour or style its best left to him to decide

Groom Suit

Like your fitting with the dress the groom might also have to have fittings and adjustments made. If it doesn’t fit properly it will show in the photos later.

Groomsmen Suits

The suite of the groomsmen normally looks different than the groom, You can choose to have slight variations with them. For example they wear different ties. Or They dont have a waistcoat to save cost and the Groom does.

Other Bridal party members

The groomsmen suite should all match. Otherwise it is hard to tell who is the groom in the picture years later.

If they are struggling to choose step in and tell them which one you would like them to wear

Wedding Day Traditions

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As we are progressing in society. you will realise that drastic traditions are slowly fading away, and new ones are taking there places.

Old, new, Borrowed, and blue is slowly fading away

Like tossing of the bridal Bouquet is fading away

It is up to you to decide what tradition to keep and which ones to loss

Toasts and speeches

Make sure to ask those who you would like to speak at your wedding at least a month before the wedding to them them time to prepare, because some people find it very difficult to speech in public.

Give them guideline of what you want them to say and what to leave out. They should also keep it short and sweet.

Some couple do the speeches between courses at the wedding Breakfast and others leave it until the end Just make sure everybody including photographer and wedding co-ordinaters know.

Again let photographers know in advance if anybody and who they are will be doing a reading at the wedding ceremony

Bride and Bridesmaid attire

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Going wedding dress shopping can seam like a challenging task, having search the internet for the type of wedding dress that you want take a picture of it with you when you go to the bridal boutique

A good quality wedding dress will allow for multiple adjustments without falling apart. Cheap fabric will disappoint you when it comes to comfort and adjustments.

Always make sure you use a professional seamstress to make the adjustments, dont just use the lady down the road because she’s cheap, your bridal boutique would be able to help you on this.

Your Veil and headpiece should be purchased after the dress for you dont want a veil that will hide the exquisite detail on the back of the dress.

Bridal shoes.

When purchasing your shoes do you rely want them with 6 inch heals. If you are wearing a long dress sweeping the floor you might be more comfortable wearing a simple white pair of shoes. No one is going to see them.Bear in mind you will be wearing them for up to 12 hours.

Garter and Lingerie

This is something that is very personal to you. so when you go shopping for these items do you really need to take the bridesmaids with you. just ensure that the garter is not to tight that it cuts the blood flow off to your leg and also make sure it doesn’t slide down when you are walking or dancing. As with your lingerie make sure it is comfortable and doesn’t show under your dress, remember it is personal to you.

many couple’s don’t consummate their wedding on the evening of the day. So pack your lingerie away for when you have your special evening together.

Bridesmaids Dresses

Each Bride will have her own vision of how she wants to dress her bridesmaids, you could dress them all identical, or you could go for a style of dress but in different colours your choices are endless.

Flower Girl or Girls

This is much easier as little girls like to be princesses so let her choose a dress that will make her feel like a princess for the day.

Tips for bridal wear and attire

  • It is perfectly OK to fall in love with the first dress you try o n
  • Don’t visit 20 boutiques and try on 80 dresses keep to 2-3 boutiques
  • Go when you have a dress in mind, take your pictures from the internet and find your wedding dress.
  • Don’t be afraid to be controversial if you love the peach dress in the window buy it
  • If you give your wedding party the choice give them guide lines as well.

Parents. It is up to you if you choose there outfits if you do just be careful not to make them look out of place in the wrong type of clothing. eg strapless dress. Most couples tend to leave the parents to choose there own attire for the day.

Wedding Day Theme

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Your wedding details will all resolve around your theme. Will it be a simple wedding or are you going for an elaborate do.

What type of ceremony are you having is it a simple registry office do.

Does your venue have a licence so you get married at the reception venue.

Are you having a Church wedding.

Which ever ceremony you are having will be based around a theme it could be just a simple Theme as in a colour, summer wedding you might be going for roses and orchids.

The following aspects will play a role in your theme

  • Theme type – if you are working with a theme, you will have to choose flowers and decor accordingly
  • Spending _ A smaller budget will limit your flowers and decor choices
  • Location _ where your wedding takes place will also influence your style


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If your wedding is far away you will need accomodation

Block booking Hotel rooms

Most hotels now a day give you the choice if you want several rooms, some hotel will even let you book the entire floor. This is great if your budget allows for it.

You will have the bridal suit, then let your parents and grandparents choose there rooms first, you will also need rooms away from each other for the bride and groom to get ready in. You will also need somewhere for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen to get ready.

Venue Accommodation

Some venue will have several different packages that they can offer you as part of your all in package.

Guest accommodation

Your guest will need accomodation too, so it worth scouting the local area and finding a couple of option, The hotels details can be added to the invitation letter. I have know for one wedding I did where they hired the entire budget priced hotel for the weekend.

Tips and advice for wedding accomodation

Always book accomodation well in advance. You will be looking around for odd rooms here and there if you leave it to long.

You don’t have to provide accomodation for guests who can’t afford it as you will go way over your budget. If you really, really, really want that person to be there think long and hard about it.

The wedding party’s accomodation is normally paid for by the bride and groom. Ecspecially if you want them to pay for there own outfits.

Peak and off peak seasons apply to hotels as well. As with you wedding venue and time of year so take this into account when choosing your date.