Tips to Finding the Best Wedding Photographer in West Midlands

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Tips to Finding a Best Wedding Photographer in West Midlands

Are you planning a wedding? Is it in a chapel r somewhere on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? Whether it is a cosy, private affair or a gala, destination event, you need an excellent photography service provider.

It is wise straightway contacting an experienced photography team. However, you should be careful in this regard, as there are several service providers in the market. How are you going to choose the best among them?

Perhaps, you need to be patient and research a bit. There are some effective tips for helping you to locate a top-rated service provider.

Explore the website

One of the first things you should do is visiting the website of the service provider. If there is no official website, then leave it out of contention. Eric Photography, a reputed Wedding Photographer West Midlands, has a wonderful website, providing services at affordable rates.

  • The website has a nice structure
  • The website has regular updates
  • You can easily navigate through various sections of the platform
  • You can comfortably know about the location and contact address of the service provider
  • The platform is rich with good content

Read the testimonials

Reading the testimonials or the reviews is another effective way to locate the best Wedding Photographer West Midlands. You will get clear ideas about the technical expertise and goodwill of the photography service provider. It will help you to a good extent to take a wise decision.

  • You can get the testimonials of previous customers from the website
  • Consider visiting the social media handles of the service provider to read the reviews
  • There are some online forums, too, which discuss about the service quality of wedding photography companies
  • You can ask about the service standard from your friends who have previously consulted the service provider

Dig through the portfolio

You work is never complete until you have dedicatedly dug through the professional portfolio of the wedding photography service provider. You will easily get the portfolio on their official website.

  • Check the crispness and quality of the images. Are they high-definition?
  • Study the interactive nature of the images
  • Feel the warmth of the photographs. Is it present?
  • Are the images take from unique angles?
  • Are the shots innovative, piquing interest?

You need to search for answers to these questions for making a decision about hiring the services of the photography company.

Check professionalism through communication

It is essential to check out the professional approach of the service provider by communicating with them. You will become aware of what to expect when you hire them.

The budget factor

It is important, too, considering the budget issues of the project. The prices should not be exorbitantly high. They should fit the bill of your specifications. The rates should be competitive.

Use these tips judiciously

You now have some fair concepts about the tips to choose a top photography service provider. Use these tips wisely to locate an experienced service provider.  Do not go for photographers who lack a reputation in the market.

Customer review

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My Experience with the Best Wedding Photographer in Hereford

Previous month I had my wedding. I was really running out of time arranging  lots of things. Yes, I had my friends helping me. Yet, there were several chores requiring better management. 

For example, I had no clue about professional photography. I wanted to chronicle the event in a nice manner. After all, it was my wedding. 

Two weeks before the event, one of my relatives recommended Eric Photography. It has a reputation in the Hereford area and its outskirts for impeccable wedding photography services. I thought of giving it a shot. 

Clear Communication

One of the first things that impressed me about Eric Photography as the Wedding Photographer Hereford is their professional approach to listen to you. The communication channel isn’t sophisticated.

  • You can contact them via mail or phone number
  • They will be quick to respond
  • They are patient to listen to your specifications for the event
  • They are excellent in recommending better things to photograph your wedding
  • They are very transparent about sharing views
  • You can reach them at any hour
  • Contact them multiple times and they will readily welcome your ideas

Meeting the budget

I had practically concern over the budget. There were many aspects of the event for which I had to use my savings. Thus, I was a bit sceptical about the costs. However, the services of Wedding Photographer Hereford were affordable. 

  • Costs that are not intimidating
  • You will get customizations in terms of rates
  • Competitive pricing as per the market standards
  • No inflated pricing
  • Nicely tailored packages
  • There are no hidden costs
  • Complete transparency in the deals
  • There are provisions for discounts 
  • You can upscale or downscale the project requirements with adjustable pricing

Expert photographers

It is beyond doubt that I was overly satisfied with the expertise of the photographers. They were extremely professional and knew what they were doing. I would definitely recommend them to any person who is searching for top-rated wedding photographers. 

  • Having rich experience of wedding photography for many years
  • Possessing great technical expertise in all aspects of wedding photography
  • Using modern equipments and photography tools 
  • Know the exact angles from which the images are more picturesque 
  • Skillful in capturing the right moments
  • Expert in couple and group photographs
  • Reflect the energetic and positive vibes of the event in a balanced, aesthetic way

Illustrious album

I was still in a little bit of doubt after the event that went well. They had to deliver the photo album. Although I was confident that it would be good, yet I did not exactly know what was waiting for me. They proved me wrong by delivering a terrific wedding photo album on time. It was gorgeous, filled with crisp, beautiful images. I was more than elated. 

Get in touch with them

As you already know, through my personal experience, the service provided is able and creative, I would suggest contacting them for any kind of wedding photography. Whether the event is in a chapel or at a destination island, consult them for amazing photos. 

Thank you Eric photography


Tips On How to Prepare For Your Wedding Photo Session

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Tips On How to Prepare For Your Wedding Photo Session

Are you getting ready for your wedding ceremony? Among the hundreds of things you need to take care of, you should think of hiring a professional photographer. Bear in mind that it is the memories of that special night that will remain. The idea of being photographed countless times may be intimidating. It is only fashion models who are used to the idea of being in front of the camera for several hours. 

Seek external assistance

It is the wedding photographs which will remain with you for many years. You will even get a chance to show them to the future generation. Get natural-looking shots with the help of Wedding Photographer West Midlands.

  • Search intensively

It would be best if you began searching for a photographer at least a couple of months before the big event. You should look upon the net and fashion magazines to find out which styles appeal to you. Take a look at the online wedding portfolio of photographers to develop an understanding of their aesthetic sense. Bear in mind that these are some of the best shots they have displayed. Before you decide to zero down, it is sensible to glance through the complete wedding coverage. Wedding Photographer West Midlands introduced by ericphotography.co.uk/ will capture the emotions that will last forever with you.

  • Setting up a meeting

It is impossible to make a guesstimate about how the professional will work just by setting your eyes on his portfolio. You should jot down some of those names in the industry whose work appeals to you. If you feel that they fall within your price range, it is wise to contact them and check their availability. Set up an appointment with them either in person or via video chat. You should be comfortable in their company because they would be right behind you, capturing your moves on the wedding day. 

  • Have a relaxing time

You may have taken a few selfies before. In such cases, you would have a thorough idea about which side of the face looks better. Once you have information regarding this aspect, you would now want to project the best face forward. Most people become conscious when they become aware that camera people are following them. You should smile naturally; that is how you do in real life. The smile should not be a wide one because your eyes may tend to squint, and your cheeks may become puffy. In such cases, you will not have the most flattering pose. You should start relaxing and start thinking of thoughts that make you happy. Have a lot of fun along the way. The objective is to get the emotions in the pictures instead of looking posed. 

Taking a careful approach

It is an intelligent approach to get in touch with some of the prominent photographers after well-done research using the internet. You should go through the website in detail to know about the areas of their specialization. Check out the reviews of the past clients before taking a final call. 

Find the Perfect One in 7 Simple Steps

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Wedding Photographer Hereford – Find the Perfect One in 7 Simple Steps

Is your wedding right around the corner? On the special day, you may be too overwhelmed to note the details. You may fail to recollect minute aspects of the wedding dress, table setting, floral arrangement, and the flower girls. This is where the importance of cameraman lies. 

Making an appropriate choice

The selection of the right expert for capturing the shots is necessary. The selection task is not going to be an easy one because of the presence of too many options in the market. Catch the joy and laughter of the nuptial night by appointing Wedding Photographer Hereford from ericphotography.co.uk.

  1. Project the story

The professional you pick should arrest finer details of the wedding. The expert will capture every detail right from the hair accessories down to a unique place cardholders. Preserve the memories of the day of the wedding with the support of Wedding Photographer Hereford.

  • Do detailed homework

Conduct a detailed study on the net. It is a smart idea to go through the reviews posted by the newlyweds. Checking their blogs is essential if you want to have an idea about their style. Even the design of their site will throw some light about the personality of the specialist.

  • Choosing the style you want

The genres can be split into three categories, namely classic, traditional, and photo-journalistic. The traditional ones are deeply involved all day. They invest a lot of time on the couple, trying to arrange them so that they are similar to the way they want. Photojournalists hardly ever request the couples to pose. They are keen on capturing couples in their natural activities. 

  • Pricing package

You may want to choose someone ready to offer you bargain prices. However, you should ensure that the task is entrusted to someone who is dependable. One can attain perfection in this line of work through continuous practice. You should be ready to pay the price if you can get someone whose work you adore.

  • Glance at the portfolio

 Scrutinize the portfolio of the expert whom you are thinking of hiring. At this juncture, you will not just consider some of the examples that they have forwarded to the gallery. You are also going to inspect the various approaches and styles. Find out if the photographs resonate with your preferences, and then you will end up with a winning combination.  

  • Have a meeting

If you like what you see on their sites, you may want to inquire about their pricing structure. Get in touch with them if the pricing package falls within your budgetary limit. Find out if he is available on the date you have in mind. Have a frank conversation with him about your expectations by having a face to face meeting or a con call on the online platform.

  • Matching of personalities 

It would help if you always trusted your instincts. Choose a professional who makes you feel at ease. If you are not comfortable interacting with him during the first meeting, you should treat it as red tape. 

Think sensibly

It is a judicious approach to undergo extensive research using the online resources for getting the name of a leading expert in the field of photography. 

Benefits of hiring Wedding Photographer West Midlands

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Benefits of hiring Wedding Photographer West Midlands

A wedding is not that simple to organize. There are numerous aspects that you need to consider seriously. From preparing a guest list and sending invitations to arrange for the event decorations and other chores, there are lots of things that can overwhelm you most of the times. On this note, photography is also a very important element. Don’t you want to shrug off a lit bit responsibility by hiring a wedding photographer? It is an intelligent step if you want to reduce your stress in organizing the event. Continue reading to know the specific benefits.

Outsource the pressure work

It is practically impossible to manage every aspect of a wedding, including photography sessions. If you attempt to do so, then you are bound to falter. In such cases, it is wise to hire an expert Wedding Photographer West Midlands from Eric Photography to nicely keep everything organized in a professional realm.

  • The measure will aid you to a great extent in decreasing the level of pressure.
  • You would be relieved to know that there is someone or some team that will efficiently manage the photography sessions.
  • Also, you don’t have to waste time later in editing and arranging the images.

Perfecting portraits and posed images

  • It is not possible for an amateur photographer to know about portrait photography sessions and posed images, especially in a high-scale event like a wedding.
  •  In order to get crisp portraits and top-quality posed images, you have to depend on the skills of an experienced Wedding Photographer West Midlands.
  • He knows exactly what to do and how to do it. There will be no discomfort reflected in the images.
  • Remember that a professional photographer is used to such projects and knows very well to arrange the postures of their subjects.  

Removing lighting obstacles

  • From a purely technical perspective, there can be several hurdles in taking photographs of the wedding couple and the invited guests due to poor lighting, overcrowded zones and other distractions.
  • But the good news is a professional wedding photographer has ample dexterity to counter all these obstacles and create beautiful, vibrant images, brimming with positive vibes of life. He has the skill to remove lighting obstacles, if any.

Incredible editing

  • The images will be professionally clicked and edited. You can be totally sure about this when you hire a wedding photographer.
  • He has excellent editing tools and advance equipment that makes the images like top-rated photographic products.
  • Also, the photographer, if requested, prepares a lovely wedding album by arranging the photographs in the right sequence. You would be more than amazed to witness the results.

Great investment for memories

  • It is an undeniable fact that spending on wedding photography is a great investment for chronicling memories filled with warmth, joy and love.
  • A professional wedding photographer helps to thread beautiful moments, producing smiles for several years, across generations.

Connect to a professional photographer

If you are thinking about how to plan for a wedding photography session, don’t hesitate in connecting to a reputed professional photograph to put everything in place in a flawless manner.

5 Reasons Why you Should Invest for a Wedding Photographer

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5 Reasons Why you Should Invest for a Wedding Photographer

The popularity of wedding photography is never going wane. People want to chronicle sweet memories of wedding in beautiful images. The event is not merely a celebration but a grand occasion for lifetime bonding.

  • You need a plan a little bit when you hire the services of a wedding photographer.
  • This is required if you want top-quality images, covering different celebratory moments of the event.
  • Choosing a mediocre photographer in a hurry can ruin the purpose.

There are some valid reasons to invest in a highly rated wedding photographer, as discussed in the following points.

A professional touch to images

When you hire an experienced professional such a Hereford Wedding Photographer, from Eric Photography, you ensure thoroughly world-class images, with required edits and effects. They don’t seem like something executed by an amateur photographer. Honestly, a mobile camera or a low-end apparatus is not enough to capture the sheer magnitude of the event.

  • You need stronger cameras that a professional photographer has.
  • Invariably, a robust camera helps to capture better images and in more details, in a flawless manner.
  • The quality of the photographs remains intact after several months, even decades.

An organized plan

One of the top reasons for hiring a Hereford Wedding Photographer is that he designs a decent plan for strings of photography sessions at the wedding. You don’t have to think about its implementation. Everything will be handled by a professional photographer in an organized manner.

  • In order to segment the images and sequence them appropriately, a set plan is extremely essential.
  • Moreover, a wedding photographer has alternative plans to work with. Imagine the situation when plan A does not quite become compatible with the environment? In this case, the expert photographer brings out plan B or plan C from his repertoire.

Great tools

Have you ever thought about the fact that producing high-quality images requires high-standard equipment?

  • A wedding photographer with many years of experience has advanced cameras and great support tools to capture images perfectly.
  •  The photographs you receive are rich in texture and vibrant in colours, with excellent high-definition quality, reflecting warmth and sophistication.

Capturing the details

There are various funny events at a wedding gathering. You invite friends and relative to get involved in the celebration.

  • There are dances and solo-events, most of the time. Guests make a wide range of gestures, to express themselves.
  • An expert wedding photographer in intelligent enough to focus on such details and capture the right moments that add spice to the occasion.

Not merely an expense

  • If you think rationally, then spending for wedding photography services is not a cost you have to bear, but a judicious investment your are making.
  • This is an investment to freeze the moments that occur only once in a lifetime.
  • This is an investment that will always remind you of happy times.

Consult an expert today

If you are planning a wedding, then don’t delay further and get in touch with a professional wedding photographer for magnificently warm and smart images.

What we do

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Hereford Photography- A Colourful Wedding & Engagement Photography!

A photograph is a pictorial memory, encapsulated in nostalgia, happiness and at times, in revelry. Your special moments become more special through photographs your ordinary moments become a stream of emotion through photographs. We, at Hereford Photography, specialize in Wedding and Engagement Photography Services, providing you the exquisitely glamorous quotient that you look for in celebrations of passionate bonding.

Who we are

  • We are a dedicated team of professional photographers who have rich experience in the field of photography, especially in events like gala weddings and cosy engagements.
  • Our expertise makes the photographs lively, brimming with jubilant spirits. You can fully rely on us in both technical and aesthetic matters of photography, when it is all about chronicling the exclusive moments of your life.
  • Our perfection will amaze you. We have an excellent and growing portfolio of flawlessly handling several high-profile projects for numerous clients.

What we do

From capturing that delicate moment when you insert a diamond ring into your partner’s slender finger to expertly freezing the shot when both of you are showered with flowers and champagne, we intricately care and deftly click each granular moment through our well-tailored Wedding and Engagement Photography Services. You don’t have to worry about the quality as we have always assured a world-class standard and will continue to do so. Your photographs will be candid and reflect a joyous celebration of a wholesome life. The immensely merrymaking atmosphere of the venue is also captured through our crisp photography.

Why choose us

If you want your wedding or engagement to be something beyond an event, then select us. For a sincere warmth and endless spirit of authentic revelry, you need our services. You can flexibly choose a location where you have set the event. It can be a flourishing garden, premises of a quaint castle, dreamy beach or an extravagant resort terrace. Our photographs blend the smiling couple with the sweet vibrations of the atmosphere just like a work of art. Our photography services also entail top-quality videos and professionally edited compact albums. There are also other salient features that benefit you, such as –

  • Sophisticated equipment with ultra-modern backup photography devices
  • Incredible editing, perfect to the core
  • Service rates that are competitive and well within your budget
  • A rich spectrum of experience
  • Colourful, high-definition, delicately textured photographs

Capturing uniqueness         

Your wedding or engagement is primarily about you and your partner. We plan and execute with thorough preparedness to capture the unique bonding between you both, marking the beginning of a prosperous journey. The togetherness of a couple blooms like springtime flowers in our accurately focused photographs.

Go through the reviews

If you are interested to know what our previous clients say about the services, feel free to read the reviews that they have written, which we consider our asset to move forward.

Enquire without hesitation

For clearing doubts and furthering queries, don’t hesitate to enquire through e-mail or mobile about how we can help you.

Hiring your wedding photographer 1

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Choosing the Very Best HFD Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding day

Are you making plans for your dream wedding? You have done intensive homework. You have already made a selection of the venue, caterer, cake and gown. Now you are thinking of getting in touch with a professional photographer. This is the individual who is going to capture the moments of your significant day. You are still debating whether you should take the offer of your cousin, an amateur lens man for taking the shots of the big day. Drop the awful idea. One of the crucial investments you can make is getting in touch with a professional for capturing your day. 

Preserving your pictures

When the topic of freezing your momentous event arises, then there is no way you should think of skimping. Seek the intervention of HFD Wedding Photographer for receiving high-quality photographs. Keep in mind that the pictures of your big day are not like regular pictures. They are indeed unique and need to be preserved during the entire lifetime. Many customs and rituals will prevent you from taking part behind the lens.

  • Premium images

The task of a shutterbug is not at all an easy one. This is an art which takes several years of practice along with the implementation of the right skills. To make the snaps more beautiful, you will need editing. All these actions are possible by the professionals. They are the ones who have access to superior quality equipment, and so it becomes possible for them to secure the best shots for you. Freeze the cherished event of your life with the assistance of HFD Wedding Photographer. 

  • Effective planning

It is tough to come across your desired outcome without adequate preparation. Making a plan well in advance will help you to gain an understanding regarding the direction to make progress. Hiring experts is a wise decision because they have the knowhow about covering the entire event without any hiccups. Your program may extend from a few hours to the whole day. An expert will be prepared with appropriate equipment in his hands. If you have plans to go to other locations, then they will arrive on time. If the timeline is putting you on stress, then you may want to avail the help of lens men.

  • Suggestion of other vendors

The documentaries have a lot of experience, and they have happened to see a lot in their lives. By virtue of their professional responsibilities, they are able to know the other vendors. They have a better network, and if you are stuck, then you can rely on their help. Establish contact with the best vendors by obtaining suggestions from specialists. 

Choose intelligently

You should conduct a comprehensive study on the net to obtain the names of prominent shutterbugs with expertise in the field of weddings. Do not skip on the research phase. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous. You will not only fail to get a successful outcome but there will be unnecessary wastage of money. Read the reviews of past clients before making a decision.

Hiring your Wedding Photographer 2

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What To Look For In Your Wedding Photographer?

Did you settle on your wedding date? Then among the countless things you need to take care of, one of the aspects you will be required to do is to get in touch with a professional photographer. The snaps will tell the story of your big day time and again.

Highlighting some of the tips

You must have realized the importance of hiring a specialist for capturing the momentous day of your life. Revive the romance anew by taking a look at the shots of Hereford Wedding Photographer. While making a decision, you have to keep the artistic style and professional skills in mind. 

  1. Variety of styles

It is a sensible idea to take a look at the portfolio of the cameraman. An efficient cameraman is in a position to provide a wide range of styles. With these styles, the personalities of the bride and groom are captured, and the essence of their happiness is etched in these snaps forever. You should be able to clearly convey the style you are looking for and then check if the expert can provide you the desired outcome. Hereford Wedding Photographer will capture the emotions of your special day.

  • Picture quality

Ensure that you run a check on all their pictures and not just the ones that they have handpicked for their online gallery. This step on your part will help you to get a fair description of their image quality. Irrespective of whether you are searching for an expert excelling in an informal style or someone with a contemporary technique, you should do detailed homework and shop around accordingly.

  • Friendly attitude

It is essential to have a good rapport with your lens man. As a couple, you will be placing all your trust and faith in the cameraman. It is vital that you feel relaxed in his company. Make sure that you feel a connection with him; otherwise, your discomfort will become apparent in the pictures. If the specialist is approachable, then the guests will also be at ease, and this will reflect on the images shot.

  • Years of experience 

It is of utmost importance to choose a specialist who can handle his job even in challenging situations. He should have the ability to cope with the constant pressure so that treasured moments are not missed. It is a prudent idea to get in touch with a specialist who has some prior experience in dealing with the wedding venue. Otherwise, he should take time out to explore the location beforehand. 

Think intelligently

Getting hold of a competent photographer requires intensive research on the internet. You should also keep the pricing structure in mind. However, it would help if you did not make your decision based on the price factor alone. It would be best if you never compromised on the quality of pictures. Make sure that the specialist you plan to hire has a solid reputation in the industry. You may even want to get in touch with some of his past clients. Talk to them to know about their experience. 


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The rule of thirds is one of the first principles of composition that most photographers come across as they learn about photography. The basic principle is very simple—that you can make a more pleasing composition by placing the main point (or points) of interest one third of way in from the top or bottom and from either side of the image. An easy way to visualize this is to imagine a grid superimposed on the image. The grid divides the frame into thirds both horizontally and vertically. The four points where the lines of the grid intersect are said to be the ideal locations to place the main point of interest of the photo.
The model, Hayley, is placed more or less on one of the intersections of the grid. In theory, this creates a better composition than placing her in the centre, or close to the edge of the frame.
But in order to learn more about composition, and move beyond the rule of thirds and take better photos, we need to first understand what the rule of thirds is telling us to do.
Another place you’ll see the rule of thirds come into play is with landscape photography. The general advice is to place the horizon on one of the thirds so that you end up with one-third sky and two-thirds land (or the other way around).
The same advice also applies to portraits. The general wisdom is that you should place the eyes of your subject as close to the intersection of thirds as possible.

Does this mean that you should compose your photos according to the rule of thirds all the time? No it doesn’t. You should think of the rule of thirds as the “guideline” of thirds—a suggestion as to where you should place the subject. Sometimes it’s the best place for your subject, and sometimes it isn’t. The challenge is learning some of the other principles of composition that help you decide when to go with the rule of thirds and when to ignore it.
I’ll finish this section with a final thought on the rule of thirds from fine art photographer Cole Thompson, quoting his version of the rule:
A great image is comprised of 1/3 vision, 1/3 the shot, and 1/3 processing.

For further  information check out this guide on Rule of third