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Capturing the best group photo’s

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5 Tips for Capturing the Best Group Photos at Weddings

There are many different kinds of photos that are clicked on a wedding day. One of the most important ones among these is group photos. It includes family photos, photos with friends and bridesmaids, and photos of the entire wedding party, etc. These pictures are mandatory, and getting these pictures taken is a tradition in all the weddings, as it is not often that a family reunion like this happens. Having group photos taken reminds you of who attended your ceremony and are a token to keep in the wedding album. It reminds you of what an amazing day it was even after it has been many years.

If you are a beginner photographer and looking for tips to ace the group photography game, here are some tips to help you out.

1.     Don’t take too many of them

It is best not to think of taking a number of group photos as they take time. Depending on the size of the group, it takes about 2 minutes to take a single group photo. It is best to decide beforehand about the number of group photos you are going to take. The best is to keep them around 10 photos. Don’t try to overdo with multiple combinations of the same people as you are going to spend a lot of your time doing this and will miss out other important shots.

2.     Pick the Right Groups

The family of the bride and the groom and the bridal party are the most important groups that shouldn’t be missed. If you are not sure which ones to pick, here is a list that can help you out. The following group photos must be taken and all other ones are not that important until stated otherwise by the bride and groom.

  • The groom’s family
  • The bride’s family
  • Both families
  • Ushers
  • Bridesmaids
  • The bridal party

3.     Choose a Point of Contact

It is best to have a point of contact, someone close to the bride and groom’s family. This will allow you to reduce the time taken for each group photo. Having someone by your side will help you organize groups easily as you don’t know many of the relatives and don’t want to miss out on some important people.

4.     Choose the Right Time for these Photos

It is important to choose the right time for the group photos. Choose a time when you think most of the people are going to cooperate. It is best to choose a time before the drinks are served, or when there is a gap between some major functions.


5.     Have Some Fun

There is no need to be too strict when it comes to group photos. Let them do whatever the people in the group feel comfortable doing. It is going to be really difficult to manage so many people when clicking group photos and not all of them are going to be so well choreographed.

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Wedding Photographers-Tips for beginners

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5 Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

Are you a beginner in wedding photography? Is it the first wedding you are going to shoot?

Shooting weddings can be quite stressful, especially if it is your first time. There are so many things to take care of that make it all the more difficult. The burden of photographing someone’s big day is in itself so heavy that many of the beginners make silly mistakes. If you are also a beginner in the world of wedding photography, here are some tips that can come in handy.

1.     Be Proactive

It is very important to be proactive in your approach when you are photographing weddings. If you see the bride getting dolled up, do not ask her for smiles or poses. Just wait for the right moment to capture the best and real emotions. Anticipating what is right is the key here. Is she done with the makeup? The next thing she is going to do is get dressed up. Is she dressed? Prepare yourself to take some first shots downstairs when she comes down.

2.     Take Photos of the Venue

If they allow you, wander around the venue and take some photographs of the setting. These will come in handy when filling up spaces in the wedding album and while creating a sense of the ambiance of the location. This includes anything from makeup brushes to the décor and even the dresses hanging, ready to be worn.

3.     Don’t be Shy

You are the photographer and there is no need to not be bold that day. While it does not mean you get too close to the people, just don’t be shy to take pictures or ask people to pose for photographs. They know you are hired to do this and they won’t mind you doing this. Also, don’t worry about moving too much here and there as you need to do it all to capture the best photos of each special moment.

4.     Dress Right

It is important to dress for the occasion but keep in mind not to get too formal with the dressing. This will not let you focus on the thing you are here for. Put yourself in a comfortable dress, and wear comfy shoes, for you will be moving around a lot. But, this does not mean you wear just anything. Make sure you look professional and presentable.

5.     Know People

It is very important to know who the important people are at the wedding. This should be done for both the bride’s and the groom’s side. You will need to take their photos as well to be put up in the wedding album. It is best to ask someone from the family to run you through the important and close people. This will make you not miss anyone.

As a beginner in wedding photography, you might feel overwhelmed by so many things that need to be taken care of and done. But, once you get a hang of it, you will be able to do them all easily. Good luck!

Wedding Photography-Things to do before the wedding

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Wedding Photography – Things to do Before the Wedding

Weddings are beautiful and their essence, love, and special moments are all captured through photographs. While there are many other things to worry about when the big day is approaching, you cannot ignore the importance of hiring a great photographer and talking to them in person about your expectations. You need to choose a wedding photographer who can capture the accurate reflection of the day, your love for each other and the one you can trust. Communicate with them prior to the wedding about your likes and dislikes and any other thing you think is worth mentioning.

Not sure what questions to ask the photographer before the wedding? We have made a list to help you out.

1.     Any Shots You Especially Want?

Since this is your big day, you got to have it all. It is important to tell the photographer in the pre-wedding meeting about any special shots you want for the wedding. This can range from anything like your favorite relative to the place where your partner proposed to you on their knees. In short, tell them all that is important to you, even if it is a small thing, so they know the importance it holds in your heart. They will then make sure that they capture the special shots in a very special way.

2.     Shots that You Do Not Want

There are many things that you don’t want to keep in your wedding album. Is there any particular shot that makes you uncomfortable or reminds you of something you are trying to forget. Is there a family member who hates being photographed? Do you want a formal wedding photography where you don’t have to get too cheesy with your partner in front of the camera? Talk about all these things beforehand with your wedding photographer so that things can go smoothly on the big day.


3.     Timetable for the Day

It is very important to plan your timetable for the day and also share it with the photographer. This will ensure that everything happens on time and the photographer is there to capture all the important moments of the big day. Also make sure to keep some time for the formal shots and quiet bride and groom shots as they usually are missed in the hustle of the day.

4.     Your Family and Important Guests

It is very important to tell the photographer about the important people in your life who will be there at the wedding so that they can be a part of the wedding album. Tell them about these special people and some personal information about them that will ensure that the nothing gets uncomfortable. While you are at it, decide the main person who will be managing the day so that the photographer can coordinate with them as and when needed. The bride and groom are very busy on their big day and not having another point of contact makes the photographer unable to do their job the best way.

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Wedding Photography- things to do After the wedding

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Wedding Photography – Things to do After the Wedding

The wedding functions have come to an end and everything went great. You think the work is finished. But, it never does if you are a wedding photographer. You will not be free even after you are done with a wedding event because the main work starts now. You and your team would have clicked thousands of photos of all the events at the wedding. You have to sort them out now, making a collection of all the best ones from all the photographers. You will have to watermark each of these photos and edit them to enhance them. Then comes the task of sending these pictures over to the client and waiting for them to select the best pictures that will go into the wedding album. You will then have to get the wedding album made and delivered to the client, take your remaining payment, and that is when a wedding event truly comes to an end for a wedding photographer. And all this is to be done while you also cover other wedding events. Being a wedding photographer is a tough job, truly.

Things to do After the Wedding

Here are some of the most important things to do for a wedding photographer after the wedding.

1.     Collection of Photos

First things first, if you have a team of photographers, all of whom were clicking photos on the wedding, you need to get all the photos from them and save them to make sure none of the important ones get displaced. Keep them safe in your system before doing other things mentioned here.

2.     Sorting of Photos

Now that you are done with collecting the photos, the next main step is to sort them out. There are going to be thousands of photos from all the photographers and you need to take some time out to sort them and make a collection of the best ones to be sent to the client for sorting.

3.     Editing

The next step is to edit the best photos to enhance them further. Do not forget to watermark the images as you don’t want others to take credit for the hard work you have done. Therefore, watermark the photos before you send them over to the client to stay on the safe side.

4.     Wedding Album

When you send the photos to the client, they will then select the photos they want in the wedding album. Then comes the task of getting the wedding album made. This is a time consuming task as well, as you will have to group pictures together, give them for developing, and then make a wedding album made.

5.     Final Payment

The final payment is usually received after you deliver the wedding album to the client. The client needs to be satisfied with the work . Don’t forget to ask them to recommend you to others as well.

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Wedding Photography-The Poses

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Wedding Photography – The Poses

Among all the other important things to take care of when photographing weddings, the poses of the bride and the groom are equally important as well. Posing in your wedding is not a science but an art. There are many judgments and interpretations involved in it. For many wedding photographers, it is one of the most difficult aspects to learn as they tend to run out of ideas pretty soon. This leaves you and the bride and groom clueless about what should be done next. A wrong pose can make the couple look awkward and unattractive and you definitely do not want that to happen. You need to take their photos in the right poses and from the right angles to ensure their best sides are highlighted and those little flaws are concealed.

Here are some poses that can make even the stiffest couples look so much in love and undeniably fun.

1.     The V-Up

This is perhaps the most common and the most classic of all the wedding poses we will be discussing here. Make the couple touch at the hips and let the other arms be anywhere other than their sides. This is the most basic and natural pose that makes them look at ease with one another.


2.     The Opened Up Pose

Let the couple open up their feet and stand at a distance from one another while holding one hand. This will give you the opened up pose. Ask the bride and groom to look at each other and give the best and the most loving smile they can to add up to the pose.

3.     Closed Up Pose

This is also a common wedding pose where the bride and the groom are facing each other and their bodies are closed off. This is the best pose to get some intimate shots of the couple. You can also get some great candid shots in this pose depending on the expressions of the bride and the groom.


4.     Stacked

If you are looking to click some romantic photos of the couple and also have a grand scenic landscape, this is the best pose to try. Let the bride stand in front of the groom and make them look at something in the distance. It looks as if they are gazing at something at a distance, while giving you a photograph worth looking at.

5.     The Swing

This pose adds a bit of action to an otherwise simple shoot. Ask the groom to lift the bride and give each other the best loving smile they can. However, you need to be selective in suggesting this pose to the couples as you need to gauge the ability of the groom to lift the bride’s weight.

6.     Focus on One

With this pose, you keep the focus of the photograph on one person, i.e. either on the bride, or on the groom. Make one of them look at the other while the other is facing the camera. Expressions and feelings do the rest.

These were just some basic wedding photography poses to try. Keep coming back to this place to learn more.

Wedding Photographers Mistakes to avoid

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Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you have just started out in wedding photography or have been doing it for years, learning from the mistakes of others will help in making yourself better. There are some common wedding photography mistakes that many of us make which have an effect on our overall performance and the customer experience. As a wedding photographer, you should always strive to provide the best to your clients. Their wedding is a big day for them and it is important to make sure you don’t ruin it for them by making the mistakes that are listed below.

1.     Not Signing a Contract

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve known the clients for long, or they are entirely new, not signing a contract with them can lead to serious problems later on. From the number of photographers to the money and time etc, everything that has been finalized about the big day should be in black and white, read, understood, and signed by both the parties. This will help you avoid any hassles later on.

2.     Not Knowing the Poses

It is very important to finalize the poses you are going to do with the couple beforehand. There is nothing such as random poses when it comes to the bride and the groom. It is their big day and you need to make sure they make the best poses. And, to do that, you need to have a list of poses in your mind that you want to try with this couple.

3.     Listening to Everyone and Everything They Say

Remember, you are a professional photographer and know how things need to be done. There will be many people at the wedding who will be telling you about what pictures to take and what you should be doing. Do not let their opinions change your perspective. Keep in mind the agreement you made with your client and stand by it. You are just going to miss many important things if you stop and listen to everyone. Just do your job as you think is right because ultimately, you will be answerable to your clients.


4.     Not Keeping Extra Battery and Memory Cards

Weddings are long events where there are hundreds of random clicks being taken every minute. You can run out of the battery or the memory of your equipment any time. Do not ruin the day for your clients and make yourself look unprofessional by not carrying any backup for the batteries and the memory. This will allow you to extend the shoot if needed without much hassle.

5.     Not Knowing Important Guests

Another common mistake many wedding photographers make is not knowing the important guests. There will be so many people at the wedding but you don’t want to miss out the most important ones from the family and friends of the bride and the groom. Ask your coordinator to introduce the important people to you so you can make them a part of the wedding album.

These were some common mistakes a lot of wedding photographers make. If you want to be successful, make sure you stay away from these.

Wedding photography Lighting Tips

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Wedding Photography Lighting Tips

Wedding photography is one of the most interesting forms of photography that allows you to use a lot of your skills learned throughout the years. These skills, if followed and used correctly reflect in the prints that appear. One of the most important things when you are doing wedding photography is to take care of the lighting. It is paramount in creating fantastic images that people will remember for their lifetime. With improper lighting, too much light or too low light, the images will not be as impactful as you wanted them to be.

Here are some of the must-know lighting tips to make the wedding photography for your clients the best experience of their lives.

1.     Natural Light Vs. Flash Light

Using natural light is the best thing to do when you have it. The photographs clicked in natural light always are way better than the ones you click using flash light. When using natural light in your photos, find out the Kelvin level of the light, which then determines the color of the light. For example, the warmer the light is, the redder it will be. Thus, you need to click photos accordingly. Use flash only when the light is too dim and the manual settings of the camera are also not allowing you to capture the moment. Otherwise, make sure you keep the use of flashlight to a minimum.

2.     The Backlit Method

There are two kinds of lights, the backlight, and the key lights. Backlights are used primarily for the separation of the subject. Using the backlight effectively can create a sense of depth to the images as it adds dimension to it. Using backlighting is a creative way of the playing around with light to create some amazing photos of your clients.

3.     The Bounce Method

This is one of the easiest methods to setup and use. You don’t need a lot of light to accomplish it. Even a single light would do. You can use your camera flash for this effect too. The method involves pointing your flash towards the ceiling or a white wall in the background and you will be able bounce off the light. The images taken under this lighting are soft and flattering perfect for getting ready shots and portraits.

4.     Studio Strobes

Studio strobes come in handy when other lightings fail to give you the effect you want. It specifically is perfect to be used when there is a mix of fluorescent and tungsten lights and achieving the perfect white balance seems impossible. Also, this method can be used when the bounce technique is impractical due to no white walls or ceilings too high to reflect light. Strobes are more powerful than speed lights, have shorter recycle times and also last longer.

If you have your big day coming up and are looking for the best wedding photographer with a thorough understanding of lighting, get in touch with the team at Eric Webb Photography and make your special day a touch more special with the best photographs.

Question to ask your clients

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5 Important Questions a Wedding Photographer Must Ask Their Clients

If you are a wedding photographer, you know how important of a task you are doing. The bride and the groom are depending on you to capture the lasting memories of their big day. There are no retakes here and you need to get it right the very first time. If you want to make the special day of your clients even more special, you need to ask them some questions, which will tell you a lot about what your clients are expecting from you.

1.     The Budget

The first thing to ask your clients is their budget for photography. While it will be awkward to ask, it is very important to know how much they are willing to pay as many other things will depend on it. This also lets you know if you are ready to take the project as it is or will have to negotiate on the price.

2.     The Number of Photos They Need

The next important question to ask your clients once you know their budget is how many photographs they need, both digital and hard copies. The number of photographs depend on the budget they have, therefore, you can share the number of photographs you can provide them once you are aware of how much they are willing to pay you.

3.     The Guest Count

It is important to know a rough estimate of the number of guests invited to the wedding as you will have to decide many other things based on that. From the number of photographers needed to cover the wedding to the time distribution and other important things, all this will be based on the number of guests. If it is a big wedding, it is best to take an assistant with you so that you don’t miss out any important moments or people while clicking photos. For small private affairs, one photographer will be enough.

4.     The Poses

Ask your clients if they have any list of poses they want to try. You can discuss with them the ideas you have in mind related to the poses for both the bride and the groom separately as well as for the couple shoot. There are many clients who do a thorough research about the poses and are very particular about them. Asking them beforehand will let you know how much liberty you will have in recommending poses to your clients.

5.     A Pre or Post Wedding Shoot

Ask your clients if they want you to take pictures of them before or after the ceremony or not. It is important to ask beforehand as you will have to set your schedule accordingly. Also, you might consider adding some extra money from it and discuss it with your clients beforehand.

These were some of the most important questions to ask your clients before you finalize everything. It will make it very easy for you to work on the wedding when everything is clear right from the beginning.

Choosing A Tripod

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Choosing your Tripod

Your Bought your nice shinny camera and a selection of lenses, when hand holding these, they become heavy and your hands are not perfectly still so when you look at your images you have camera shake and spoilt images, some of these images you may never be able to shoot again. How to stop that is to invest in a tripod.

So, we have now discovered that we do need a tripod, there are several factors that we need to think about before buying.


So, we now must consider how much of a dent we need to put into our bank account. Photography is not always very cheap. So, it is now that you can go out and see what your going to get for your money. Do I really need the most expensive up to date tripod or will a cheapy do the job I need? With them ranging in price anything from about £15 up to £1000 that is not to say that the most expensive is the best. You could find the one that suit you for about £200


The next thing to consider is the weight limitations of your tripod and the weight of the tripod itself, this is especially important if you are a travelling photographer, your camera bag already has a couple of camera body’s possible 5or 6 lenses battery, laptop, and loads of other equipment so you now have to think about how much extra weight do I want to add to my camera bag. Think about the extra strain on your back and neck and shoulder pain. Trust me on that one I’ve done it.

In addition to the weight of the tripod you need to consider the limitations of the tripod itself. Some of our DSLR camera can be pretty heavy my own with a standard 24-70 lens on weights in just over 3 kilos. This is important as you don’t want to set your camera up only to see it tumble over with the slightest breeze and damage your camera causing very expensive repairs just because you saved a few pound on the tripod itself.


The Third thing to consider is Height. If you’re a tall person you don’t want to be bending over all the time again giving you a bad back. On the other hand, if you’re a short person then you probably don’t have to worry. So, consideration how high the tripod will go also how low it will go especially if shooting macro photography like insects. Another consideration is how wide the legs will spread. The wider the legs the more stability you will have. Once you have considered all these area’s you will have a better idea of which tripod suits you. Once you have purchased your dream tripod look after it and it will probably out last you unless you break it like I did and ran it over with the car.

The last thing to consider is do I want a 3 way adjusting head or a Ball head

Neewer Metal Tripod Heads, 360 Degree Rotating Panoramic Head with 1/4 Inch Quick Release Plate and Spirit Level, up to 8 kg for Tripod, Monopod, Slider Control DSLR Camera Camcorder
Manfrotto X-PRO 3 Way Head with Retractable Levers and Friction Controls - Black

Home Studio Part 5 Lighting

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3d studio setup with lights and white background

A Beginners Guide to Studio Lighting:- There are two types of lighting

:- Continuous                                                                                                                       Flash

Continuous Lighting has its good points and its Bad points

Its Good Points

  • Its inexpensive, and makes a good starting point for a small budget
  • You can see where its shining causing the shadows

Its Bad Points

  • It produces more heat than light
  • The light that it produces is not balanced daylight

The heat produced by the continuous light can make it very hot and uncomfortable to work in also as it is very bright it can close down the eyes not very good for a model and not very good for your portrait. Taking photos in artifial light and they can look yellow this is because daylight is measured at 5.600 Kelvin and tungsten bulbs are nearer 3.200 kelvin. This can be overcome with the use of Falters and the virtual dark room

Flash Light

With a normal flash light fitted to your camera you wont know what you’re taking a picture of until after you have taken it.

The advantage of studio Flash lights

  • Most Modern flash lights also have a small lamp in the middle a Modelling lamp with this you can see exactly where your flash will go. The one thing you do need to remember is the Flash will be a lot brighter causing your shadow to be darker.
  • With the continuous light we said it would get hotter with use the flash doesn’t so will always give off then same white light.
  • Modern flash units can give off huge amounts of power can be adjusted down to half power or less
  • If you can’t adjust the power you can always move the lamps closer or further away